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The Quixotic World Dallas


The Quixotic World

Quixotic:-adjective, pronounced “kwik sah tik”Hopelessly idealistic, impractically romantic, dreamy, utopian. Swept up in the romance and pursuit of impractical goals; wildly visionary, fantastically optimistic, mad, poetic, starry-eyed, in the clouds.

The vision for Quixotic is simple: to provide a magical wonderland as a background for my own art events as well as for others who would liketo use the space for their adventure. Quixotic IS…an oasis of dreams beneath the bustling metropolis of Dallas, created to promote the arts and inspire the creative soul in an extraordinary atmosphere. Quixotic IS…an art forest, a theatre jungle, a poetry desert, a music ocean. Inside it’s red walls lie endless possibilities.
General Information
The Quixotic World is a theatre house / magical event space located in historic Deep Ellum. It is a unique, otherworldly space which features a multi media experience for your events.This includes interior design of the imagination, wandering characters, 16mm nature films, grand scale film visuals, poetry, art exhibition, silhouette performances, sound experiments and dramatic dreamy lighting.