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The Red Hat Boston

One of the oldest establishments in Boston, The Red Hat continues to grow as one of Boston’s friendliest and finest local traditions. Whether stopping by for a couple drinks to wind down after a hard days work or grabbing a bite to eat on your way to the garden, or if you just need a relaxing hot spot party late night, The Red Hat is the place to be. With daily food and drink specials, The Red Hat offers delicious traditional pub fare as well as specialty items to tempt your taste buds.

Wash that down with a pint of your favorite beer or choose from our diverse wine and drink list. Come experience The Red Hat for yourself and become part of our tradition!

For over 100 years, The Red Hat has been serving up the finest in food and beverages. Originally, catering to sailors on leave, dockworkers and shipbuilders looking for an inexpensive place to eat, The Red Hat soon became a local favorite to businessmen on their lunch hour and ladies doing their shopping for the week.

Located in the heart of Scollay Square, an area once best known for its vaudeville theatre and world famous risqué entertainment, The Red Hat gained the reputation as a hotspot not to be missed while visiting the city. Because of that popularity, The Red Hat was even able to survive prohibition by maintaining the image of a reputable restaurant by day and a speakeasy by night. Old Scollay Square

After more than a century, The Red Hat is still showing the city’s finest a good time. We still serve up the finest food and beverages in the area. We still cater to sailors on leave, dockworkers, shipbuilders, businessmen and ladies. And, most of all we are still a hotspot not to be missed while visiting the city.

Consistently great food and drinks (especially beer), catering options and daily specials has made The Red Hat one of the best restaurants, bars and parties in the area for decades. Whether its a family, friends or singles night out or a celebration of any kind, this is the kind of bar where people feel at home.

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