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The Redwood Room Bar San Francisco


Located smack dab in the middle of San Francisco, the Redwood Room is a historic nightclub situated in the Clift Hotel, one of the cities classiest boutique hotels. Built in 1934, the bar recently received an overhaul bringing it into the 21st century: the designers kept the beautiful, original redwood paneling (rumor has it was built from a single redwood) but filled out the large space with modern lounge furniture and unique digital artwork. Now, The Redwood Room still maintains its classic charm, while at the same time being suited for even the most elegant patrons.

On any given evening, it’s the perfect place to lounge and sip on some of the finest cocktails the city has to offer, and sample a wide variety of delicious gourmet dishes. If you’re in the mood to bob your head, The Redwood Bar also hosts some of San Francisco’s hottest local DJ talent from Thurs-Sat, making it a great place to decompress or kick off a night on the town. Before stopping by, be sure to check out their calendar of events, all hosted by Back of House.

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