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The Ridge Theatre Vancouver


The Ridge Theatre

When itd its doors in April 1950, the Ridge Theatre was hailed as “…a miracle of modern architecture and construction”, boasting the latest in projection equipment and creature comforts. From Canada’s first “easy-on-the-eyes ”astetic nylon screen and “ultra-modern” Gaumont-Kalee projectors to the 1000 square feet of bevelled mirror on the north wall and the soundproofed “Kiddies Crying Room,” the Ridge’s designers proudly proclaimed the theatre to be “…the result of half a century of research and inventiveness by the world’s foremost designers and architects in cinema art.”
The Ridge Theatre

Fifty-three years later, the Ridge still proudly stands as a leader on Vancouver’s cinemascape, both in terms of the latest in theatrical technology and in refinements designed to enhance your theatre going experience. Not only do we offer a great mix of foreign films, Hollywood fare and special festival screenings, but our staff includes an in house technician and team of professionally trained projectionists whose foremost job is to make sure that no matter which of our 830 seats you find yourself in, you’ll get the best sound and picture possible.

Enough tech-talk, though! In our unique lobby you’ll find a snack bar offering the best treats money can buy. Enjoy a freshly made coffee, a capuccino or select from the large assortment of gourmet teas at our famous coffee bar, where you can also pick up a variety of fresh baked goods from carrot cake to cookies. If popcorn is more your style, our concession offers corn popped fresh every day, drizzled in real butter! Add Italian ice sodas and a wide selection of popular candies, juices and soft drinks, all at very reasonable prices, and you’re sure to find something to satisfy!

and don’t forget, we still have the glass-enclosed crying room for those “uncooperative” infants, loads of free parking in three lots right outside the door, convenient transit access via the 16 Arbutus bus, and this website to boot!

We’re making it our mission to provide you with the best all-around moviegoing experience – hope to see you soon!

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