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The Roxy Cabaret

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The heart and soul of downtown Vancouver’s nightclub scene, The Roxy is known for throwing the best parties in town for over 25 wild years! A warm and lively venue, The Roxy Cabaret makes you want to have a good time, unwind, and let loose! Patrons enjoy performers of all genres, amazing live bands and phenomenal DJs who play nothing but hit music night after night. The crowd is a solid mix of young and old-er, especially on Sundays when everyone turns out for Country Night. Now before you roll your eyes at us for even suggesting Country Night, erase all cliché images of old people in flouncy skirts and ten-gallon hats from your mind, because there is nothing square about Roxy’s hot and rowdy crowd getting down to all the best southern dance anthems. To enjoy yourself to the fullest, bring your boots! It is truly an experience worth sharing with friends, lovers, frenemies, or anybody who is looking for a good party! The prime location and famous parties, coupled with its infamous reputation for the best service and knowledgeable staff whipping up incredible drinks and food, makes Roxy the top choice in the city for a casual night out or a celebratory event. Check out their website for the nightly “staff choice” option. Rounds of Jager bombs and staff signature cocktails will get your night going in a hurry. The greatest thing about Roxy is that it doesn’t really matter what night you come down, because every night is a great night! It has even been said that a night at Roxy is as if “life were a beer commercial.” Sounds pretty awesome, but you’ll have to celebrate New Years Eve, book a VIP party, or just come on down and dance to get the full experience for yourself!