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The Soiled Dove Denver



Event Dates and Times Vary


Concerts $5 – $60

Payment Methods:

Website: Visit the Soiled Dove Underground website »

Alcohol: Beer, Liquor, Wine

Ambiance: Trendy

Clientele: 21 and Up

Dress: Business Casual, Trendy / Stylish

Entertainment: Live Music

Features: No Smoking, Parties / Private Rooms

Music: Big Band, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock

Parking: Free

Type: Live Music

There are many ways we can arrange the room depending on the size and type of performance or event.

250 – 300 Table and Drink Rail Seating

375 – 400 Auditorium Seating

450 Standing Room with Drink Rail Only

100 – 220 Banquet Seating

This one-time LoDo venue has migrated east to Lowry, the quickly growing residential and commericial area on the outskirts of the city. A warm color scheme with wood accents makes the spot below the Tavern Lowry an intimate, cozy space in which to hear live music, be it blues, jazz, or even big band. First-rate acoustics and free parking are improvements on the old location. Available for private parties too.   (© 10Best)

The Soiled Dove Underground

7401 East 1st Avenue

Denver, CO 80230


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