The Sound Factory


The Sound Factory

Located right near the corner of Harrison and 1st - where the on-ramp to the Bay Bridge takes you back to Oakland, the Sound Factory is a great space with several different rooms. You can actually have a large DJ-event going on in the main room and another DJ-event going on in the 2nd main room.

Of late, there have been more House and High Energy dance events that I've attended here and they have been a lot of fun.

The Sound Factory remains one of the premiere spaces in San Francisco to host a really awesome DJ-Dance event.

*Main Room: Top 40s, Hip Hip and Pop (Yay, DJ Ken C!)
*Sky Lounge: House and Trance

*6 Bars
*Wait time for a drink was about 5 minutes

Compared to other SF clubs, Sound Factory is run-down and dingy. It has an underground feel to it with a laser light show; perfect for rave events. One good thing about Sound Factory is that it's big (2000+ capacity) and the main room has plenty of room for dancing. I was in the main room the entire time (from what I remember) so I can't note how the Sky Lounge was.

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