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The Spirit Bar Nelson


While the nightlife in Nelson is vibrant, it has changed dramatically these last ten years.  Ten years ago there was two Top 40 bars and now there isn’t enough demand to support one.  Perhaps we have just become that much more sophisticated in terms of what we like to hear.  Top 40 is dead here and I think that was part of the problem with Taffy Jack’s is that it never adapated to what the locals wanted.  I plan to have entertainment down here as diverse as the people that make up this community. DJ’s, live music, theatre and other special events – you have to give them what they want and in the end, I am hoping that the locals will embrace this space as a favorite party spot.

The theme of the room was inspired by the Nelson Paranormal League’s recent documentary ‘Haunt At The Hume’ which saw four consecutive sell-out shows at Halloween. "People are always interested in hearing ghost stories about strange happenings in the hotel.  I found it interesting that this group found much of the paramornal activity in our basement.  That really intrigues people, it is unique to our property and it ultimately touches upon our rich history.  While it’s never been about ghosts and goblins for me, it’s more about the spirit of past owners, the guests who frequented the hotel and even all the staff who have come and gone over the decades. It is almost tangible in this old building and something no amount of money could ever buy.  You can feel it when you walk through the doors, you can see it in the wood.  Did I mention that we sell spirits?" Martin jokes laughingly.

As an homage to music and those who have past before us, you will notice custom artwork adorn the walls of famous musicians who really left their mark in shaping our culture. The likes of Bob Marley, John Lennon, Billie Holiday, Nick Drake, Jim Morrison and many others can be recognized in the mystical graphic panels surrounding the room.


The design was the brainchild of Calgary-based designer, Doris Martin, of ce de ce inc.. "I always like the feeling I get when I go to Vancouver’s Ginger 62", says Martin.  "After eight years it is still going strong which is a long time for a club in the city and a big part of that is the design.  I did a web search to figure out who designed that space and it brought me to ce de ce. With the exception of the interior design, all the work has been done by an amazing cast of local tradespeople.  Even the furniture has been designed and manufactured by Spearhead Timberworks’ furniture design branch Clear Form."