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The Stage Miami

If you wanna party have a good time and drink all night The Stage is the place to be. Great music from reggae to house and everything in between. Come ready to dance and take in the best talent Miami and the world has to offer! from incredible like performances to top DJs, the music at The Stage will always impress. Hot events and incredible parties await.

The Stage, located in the famed Miami Design District, is a mythical invitation to delve and enmesh your self in live music, art, and film. Emblazoned in New Orleans and Brooklyn chic the colors will breathe on you. The high ceilings, the reds, the blues, the comfortable seating and gallery lined walls with local artists displaying their works.

Inside and out in its organic fusion of interior and exterior spatial design, The Stage is a mindful combination of elements. Its aim is to fuse the long running traditions of live music, laid back coffee house cool, and the present moment awareness of a live theatrical venue.

The Stage aims to celebrate art and culture. the basic elements of artistic expression, the marriage of song, cinema, literature and theatre all packaged seamlessly and coupled with a polite, caring staff, ultra clean facilities, and proper management.

The Stage, in striving for excellence, is dedicated to providing a carefully designed listening and visual experience for all valued patrons.

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