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The Underground Calgary


The Underground is the lower floor of The Warehouse and operates at times as its own club and at other times as a second room to the main floor. The Undergroud is legendary for the cheapest beer in the city (jugs for as low as $5.25!!) and for its high quality live band shows every Friday and Saturday. The music caters towards punk rockers with the occasional metal and hard core shows to spice things up. Whether you are enjoying the live music, the cheap drinks, the arcade games or the pool tables, The Underground never leaves you disatisfied.

One of the city’s longest-running underground nightclubs, The Warehouse (upstairs) and The Underground (downstairs) offers clubbers an alternative to Calgary’s Top 40 scene. The clubs host raves as well as Britpop, indie, hard rock and metal nights, and live bands play both upstairs and downstairs on a regular basis.

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