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The Veranda at Family Circle Tennis Center Charleston


The Veranda at Family Circle Tennis Center

The Family Circle Tennis Center Veranda is Charleston’s newest music venue, and has quickly become its favorite outdoor music experience.  Join our summer of fun at this exciting new outdoor venue, and chck back often for a list of scheduled performances on our Veranda stage.
Main Gate:

All Veranda events use the same entrance and exit as Family Circle Stadium perfomances.  This gate is located adjacent to our Ticket Kiosk on Seven Farms Drive.

Ticket Kiosk:

Veranda events are ticketed through our Ticket Kiosk by the main gate.

ATM Service:

We offer two ATM machines at most events. 

   – Locatons:

               1. Main Bar (Main Level, overlooking Veranda floor)

               2. Grand Lawn Bar (end of Grand Lawn)

Adult Beverage Service:

Beer, wine and liquor drinks are availabe for guests over 21.  We have a strict underage drinking enforcement policy, and all patrons, regardless of age, will not be served or permitted to possess an adult beverage without a wristband obtained from our ID Check stations.


Grilled items including hotdogs, hamburgers, as well as bagged chips and other snacks.

Bathroom Facilities:

We offer portable toilets on the Grand Lawn, as well as permanent facilities on the east side of the Family Circle Tennis Center Clubhouse.