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The Whisky Bar Seattle


The Whisky Bar features close to 200 different Whisky varieties from all over the world. Not only do we have over 40 different single malt whiskys, we also have the largest selection of liquor in Belltown. There’s no reason you couldn’t find exactly what will satisfy!

It fits that idea you had of Northwest bars before you started frequenting them – before you knew that most are tame and tidy and quick to bounce bad behavior out the door.

The Whisky is loud (’80s punk, late-’90s death metal), crass (thinkn paintings of seminude ladies and their guns), and chock full of hard drinkers (anyone on a barstool at 5pm is likely to linger till last call). Plus the regulars – the divorcee who swears her Macy’s cashier gig is only temporary; the would-be street magician who tells you he hates his day job and hey, pick a card, any card – keep the place abuzz with drama.

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