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Times Square New Years Eve New York


Every year, millions flock to the center of Times Square to view the ball drop, but most are forced to sit in the freezing cold, since the area is barricaded starting at noon on December 31. What kind of fun are you expecting to have after standing 12 hours in the 20-degree cold, with no public bathrooms available? With the All Access Pass, you can party and play with friends and family around the area and about an hour before midnight, head towards the center and view the ball as the clocks strikes 1 at midnight! Keep warm and drink up the night with your Times Square All Access Pass.

We noticed a new option that has been added, which is to sign up for a group guide. Expect around 30 people per group and with your admission ticket, you will join a small group with a guide who will direct, instruct, and answer all of your questions throughout the night. You will be provided a scheduled plan that will allow you to take full advantage of the pass. This is a highly recommended option to check out. Its a little more expensive than the regular admission ticket, but with everything going on that night, I know Id like to have a little direction, especially if youre visiting from out of town.

This exciting night is bound to be a great one, but make sure to purchase your All Access Pass soon, before there are no more left and youre stuck in the cold with the rest of the crowds.

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