United States: 323-604-6030

Tini Bigs Lounge Seattle

Free parking on street or paid parking in the lot behind us.
Cuisine: eclectic
Wheelchair accessible
Food prices $3.00-$15.00
Outside seating
Liquor, beer, wine
Smoking permitted (cigar friendly)
No reservations taken
Private parties welcomed

Each handmade martini features a generous pour of Finlandia Vodka or Bombay Gin served in a 10 oz. martini glass. We make Big Tini’s at Tini Bigs. We offer a wide variety of choices in martinis to stir the imagination and excite your palate. Custom martinis are no problem. We also pride ourselves on a large selection of handpicked single malt scotches that are prominently displayed on the 1909 Brunswick bar.

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