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Toronto Bodypainting


Toronto Bodypainting artist, BillyG, has been creating works of bodyart for about twelve years, appearing at club events, conventions, launches, retreats, private parties, one on one sessions, specializing in the erotic side of bodypainting, depicting sexy outfits and lingerie as entertainment art at your venue. Bodypainting can be created on-sight during special events as performance art, or behind the scenes for runway work or photo shoots. This one-of-a-kind spectacle will generate excitement that will have your clients or customers remembering your event for a long time and telling others all about it.
Marketing your product or brand at special events, or for print media is also their business. Whether you need a new approach for your advertising campaign, a new slant for your product launch or venue ad, or simply hot and sexy entertainment at your club or private event, they have the answer for you.

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