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Tribal Knights Toronto


Tribal Knights

With its headquarters based in Toronto, Canada, TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ is a Creative Arts Center and Mas Club committed to bringing quality Carnival experiences to the community. Established in 2007 by Founder and Band Leader Dexter Seusahai, TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ has emerged as one of the most successful Mas Bands of the last decade. Driven by Dexter’s passion for building Mas, his creative vision has led TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ to many victories in a number of Carnival categories including “King of the Bands” in both 2009 and 2010 at The Scotiabank Caribana Festival. With a firm commitment to ensuring quality customer service, TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ aims to deliver excellence in the areas of costume building, carnival experiences, and community events.Dexter Seusahai, although hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, toted as being one of the Mas capitals of the world, did not discover his passion and talent for designing and building Mas costumes until 1996, when he assisted the legendary Louis Saldenah with his presentation of “Mas on Stage”. This opportunity blossomed into what has become a formidable and lifelong endeavour as Dexter branched out to launch his own band after several years of participation with various Mas clubs in the Toronto area. Dexter’s ability to translate ideas and images into majestic works of art using the best quality materials, sound structural design and incomparable attention to detail is what TRIBAL KNIGHTS™ is founded on.

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