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Triple Crown New York


Triple Crown first opened its doors on August 2004 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – ever since they have been making quite a name for themselves. The bar’s owners – cousins Myles Tipley and Kit Tipley, and long time friend, Mike Pappalardo – put heart and soul in the place, designing Triple Crown from the ground up. People are still raving about the space, sleek, chic, and so hip just check out some upcoming collaborations they’re working on… Triple Five Soul, JB Classics, Matzu MTP, Other Music, Creative Thriftshop, and a host of DJ’s including Rich Medina, Amir, Jazzy Jeff, Hollertronix, King Britt, Jer 2, Schooly D, DJ Language, DJ Lindsey, Cosmo Baker, Qool Marv, Monk Won, Akalepse, and DJ Center of the Root Down.

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