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Trocadero Philadelphia

The Trocadero Theatre first opened in 1870 as a house for musical comedies and traveling minstrel shows. Later, vaudeville and burlesque came to its stage, and later still, it was refurbished for use as an art house cinema and fine arts theatre. In 1986, the Trocadero was again remodeled for its current use as a concert hall and dance club. The Trocadero is the only 19th century Victorian theatre still in operation in the United States.

Today, the Trocadero Theatre hosts over 150 concerts and events annually including performances by national recording artists including Patti Smith, Mos Def, the Wu-Tang Clan, The White Stripes and Bob Dylan. In September 2006, MTV filmed an episode of their MTV2 $2Bill Concert Series with My Chemical Romance at the Troc. It also hosts other events including the monthly Karaoke Gong Show & Guitar Hero Shred-A-Thon hosted by Skeletor, the annual Zombie Prom every last Sunday in September. Comedians who have performed at the Troc include Jim Gaffigan, Eugene Mirman, Adele Givens, Jamie Kennedy and Jim Breuer. In October 2008, Christian Finnegan filmed his Comedy Central special at the Trocadero.

Capacity is 1200 standing room or 550-600 for fully-seated shows. The Balcony, which is the Trocs smaller stage, is where the Troc hosts smaller shows of 250 capacity or less. Gym Class Heroes, members of Clutch & Valencia have all played the Balcony in their formative years.

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