United States: 212-947-9662

TRUST Lounge New York

You have to see this place to believe it! Hidden in the meat packing district, when you walk up to the front you see the velvet ropes in front of a freight elevator that opens up and you enter into and take the ride up to this unbelievably huge loft space! Once inside you can sink into buttery-soft leather banquettes under golden lighting. This lounge is huge and heavily stylized.

Trust looks like another hip, upscale Meatpacking District lounge, but it’s actually the most democratic space to open west of Eighth Avenue in recent years. Hordes of fresh-faced young professionals press together around the main bar and lounge area beneath obligatory flat screen TVs; off to the side, the restaurant seats about 70. The simple, serene decor looks expensive, but it’s actually built for punishment.

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