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Tryst Nightclub Toronto

A night out at Tryst is always an enchanting experience. The venue boasts a lavish mix of a parlor, a garden and a labyrinth under the stars. Catering to Toronto’s most elite clientele, the club has developed a reputation for excellence.

Tryst is divided into five separate spaces that are unique while still being interconnected. With the Havana Lounge, the Loft, Vegas Suites, the Vault, and the Garden Patio, there is plenty of variety to choose from. Each area provides a different mood, all circulating around themes of opulence, sensuality, and luxury. Each area offers the amenities of a world class venue.

As you step through the doors of the nightclub, you enter a world of excitement and beauty. The gorgeous interior is sure to impress all of the venue’s guests and perfectly accent their special night: Spparkling chandeliers provide intimate and romantic lighting, while the courtyard garden is ornately sculpted and leads guests from the Havana Lounge to the Loft, where they encounter amazing high ceilings that glitter with light. A shimmering cocktail bar with a pearlescent finish perfectly compliments velvet settees, offering a perfect spot for guests to sit and overlook the starlit garden while engaging in intimate conversations.

If you want to dance, you can expect Tryst to provide you with music from some of the best local and international DJs. The state of the art sound and lighting system makes the experience epic, and sets this venue apart from the rest of the clubs in Toronto. Guests are completely enveloped by light and sound, and might even brush shoulders with celebrities like Nick Cannon, Mario Lopez, Snoop Dogg, and Rosette, who have all previously dropped by here!

So, what are you waiting for? Drop in and come see why Tryst Nightclub has built up a reputation as being the premier nightlife spot for Toronto’s most elite crowd!

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Tryst Nightclub, Downtown
Tryst Nightclub, Downtown