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TUTS CLUB | Lounge | Restaurant New York

TUTS stands for King TUT (Tutankamun), one of the youngest kings that ruled ancient Egypt, his fame is due to the major discovery of his tomb. For the first time, a tomb, which was almost intact, had been discovered and remained hidden from robbers for thousands of years. The tomb revealed an elaborate lifestyle that many people could only dream about as well as providing clues and insight into King Tut’s life and how he lived.

The lavishly decorated Club with an ancient Egyptian & Middle Eastern flair transports patrons to another place, and intricate details such as ancient Egyptian statues, hand crafted trays, chairs and fresh rose petals dusting every surface add allure. On Friday and Saturday nights, the subdued scene gets shaken up with belly-dancing shows.
This sleek, sexy ancient Egyptian-themed hideaway offers an exotic night unlike anywhere else in NYC

The setting draws a similar, but sparse crowd. Most loungers congregate in the front seating area near the bar, enjoying nibbles like pita .hummus and sipping wine; however, the back area offers a large, open space lined with banquettes and a tempting private “VIP” cove complete with satin pillows, Statues and hookah-smoking for the adventuresome.
Make like a sultan, bring a harem and take over the private VIP room.

The drinks at TUTS, is like no where else, cocktailed drinks is our specialty, If nothing suits your fancy on the menu, ask the bartender to whip you up something original, also check the dinner & appetizer menu to experience a delicious & tasty dishes.

The weekend is spiced up even more with live belly-dancing shows and hookahs, Let DJ AMIR take you to a Music Journey around the world with his eclectic mix of different main stream dance music styles from the Middle East passing through Europe, Ibiza & back to the main stream US charts, the Journey takes off at 10 pm

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