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Twelve And Highland Los Angeles


Twelve And Highland

TWELVE + HIGHLAND,  Twelve and Highland opened to the public in September, 2007.  The clean modern lines of the structure and décor offer a new style of dining to the beach community.  The owners were inspired to offer the best of both worlds in one space: a great dining experience with wonderful cuisine followed by an upscale lounge in which to enjoy the latest music and socialize.  

TWELVE + HIGHLAND is positioned discreetly out of the fray of the main boulevard in Manhattan Beach.  The space is as appealing to the eye as much as the food is to the palate.           

The culinary philosophy is simple – please the palate of the laid-back but discerning coastal audience.  With that in mind, Twelve + Highland has created a menu that consist of classic American dishes with a modern twist.

Please visit Twelve + Highland, located in the heart of downtown Manhattan Beach.  

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