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UBU Theatre Lounge Calgary


Located within the newly restored Grand Theatre in the historic Lougheed Building. UBU Lounge is the vibrant, sublime, provocative, and luscious hidden gem of Calgary. Combining the design talents of Witold Twardowski, the intricate art of fine Japanese cuisine of Tomo Mitsumo, and hospitality skills of Nathan Newman UBU Lounge aims to provide Calgarians with a unique dining and entertainment experience. Chef Mitsumo’s ability to think outside the box and create a culinary masterpiece which satisfies both the palate and the eyes is the reason he is one of the most sought-after Japanese chefs in Calgary. Laid-back, eclectic and unpretentious, UBU is one part lounge, and one part elegant bistro. Warm hues, soft lighting and an unexpected quirkiness encourage you, our guest to settle in, get comfortable, and enjoy a lunch or evening of unparalleled food and entertainment.

At UBU, we’re taking Asian to the next level. Traditional favorites such as Sushi Rolls share the dining room limelight with flavor-infused creations such as Wasabi Steak and Sake Steamed Mussels. We call it Asian Avant-Garde, and while the flavors and textures are decidedly Japanese, Executive Chef Tomo Mitsuno allows a little Western influence to inspire his kitchen artistry. For Calgarians looking for a taste of something truly different, the experience starts here.

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