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Unix Mansion Los Angeles

Unix Mansion

Boldly situated in North Laguna between seemingly endless Pacific bluewater views, rugged whitewater coastline and the untamed 6500 acres of Laguna Coast Wilderness, this recently completed, architecturally imaginative masterpiece stands alone, setting a new standard for excellence in contemporary styling and luxury living.

Luxury Amenities
Below is a short list of amenities Included
6400 square feet and 4 levels of exquisite modern décor
360 degree panoramic views of Laguna Beach
State of the art viewing Home Theater with tiled mosaic
Modern deck with panoramic views of Laguna Beach
Luxurious modern décor
Zebra Pool
Architectural staircases
a private gate
limo-dimensioned garage
elevator, telescoping doors
4 fireplaces
3rd level dipping pool/spa
Full service kitchen

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