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Upfront Bar & Grill Toronto


Toronto’s Ultimate Pub/Club. Original home of the Smokin’ Beaver Bash. When we are hosting a Smokin’ Beaver Bash, you can legally smoke inside our establishment because the Smokin’ Beaver Bash is a private party. During the Smokin’ Beaver Bash, we offer a live DJ that spins the latest and greatest in all genres of music AND takes YOUR REQUESTS! The Smokin’ Beaver Bash Hostesses dance on the bar, tables and speakers and keep the dance floor full! These ladies are so hot, they’re smokin’! The Smokin’ Beaver Bash motto is: it’s just not a party until someone’s gettin’ spanked on the dance floor! This is one wild party that you’ll only find at the Upfront Bar & Grill!

The Upfront Bar & Grill is consistently voted best chicken wings in the GTA and has been voted best pub in Toronto by NOW Magazine. Toronto Life raves about our food!

We have one of the largest collections of sports memorabilia in the Toronto restaurant community. The Upfront is a favourite of the stars who want a location that is “off the beaten track” and paparazzi free. Samuel L. Jackson LOVED our chicken wings! Donnie Wahlberg loves the Boston-pub vibe that has been enhanced by our newest collection of Boston Red Sox memorabilia that we got when the feature film Fever Pitch, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, was filmed at the Upfront. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck also love the Boston vibe. They filmed Good Will Hunting at the Upfront. There are so many other celebs that love the Upfront from Willem Dafoe to Magic Johson! The Upfront Bar & Grill is a definite favourite hang out for sports stars like Billy Koch, Doug Gilmour, Magic, Don Cherry and many more. Come in and see the autographs and photos and more than likely the celebrities for yourself and enjoy a pitcher of beer for only $10.00!

We are located one block east of Jarvis St. on Front St. at George St. See you soon!

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