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Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre


To the North see the local mountains, look South-East to see Washington State’s impressive Mount Baker, this is Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre. 50 stories up, Vancouver Lookout is a popular gem in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, offering an unobstructed 360° view of the growing and ever changing city skyline, along with the breathtaking mountains and harbour. So what better place to host your intimate or wild celebration your guests will never forget?

The adventure begins as you enter the glass exterior elevator, which ascends in a mere 50 seconds, to a stunning view and party space meticulously prepared to suit your every need. The Lookout can accommodate any function and is famous for hosting New Years Eve celebrations, weddings, birthday parties and more! The skilled and experienced staff are ready for anything whether a chic and romantic evening or a wild party celebration! Couple this with exquisite food and decoration and you will know that Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre is the place to be.

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