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Vanguard Los Angeles


An environment so unique and distinctive, it stands poised to dominate the Los Angeles entertainment landscape. A venue strategically designed to offer the ultimate dance club experience, intimate private party, rocking, raging concert or let-it-all-hang-out-who-knows what-will-happen-next after/wrap party.
Boasting a U.K. Funktion One Sound System, the Main Ballroom is huge, with 17-foot side walls and a 25-foot apex. A balcony overlooks the dance floor with three large bay windows. A separate entrance at the south end of the building, allows the upstairs to function as another clubroom. To the north, reachable through either of two doorways, is an additional back lot bringing the onsite parking to over 500 valuable spots. The stage, flanked by a semi-circle of large video screens, hosts both live acts and DJ setups. Gyrating bodies on the spacious cherry wood dance floor invites onlookers from the VIP balcony above. The Asian-themed outdoor patio, lorded over by a giant smiling Buddha, is the perfect way to meet and get to know people. An atmosphere so mesmerizing, the hours will slip by unnoticed.
Vanguard Hollywood: 20,000 sq. ft. of spectacular possibilities limited only by your imagination.


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