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Velvet Lion Las Vegas


The Velvet Lion

The Velvet LION will re-design the Gentlemen’s club format in Las Vegas and throughout the world with an honorable and respectful way of conducting business by maintaining our business integrity and while supplying the “Best place to close the deal” for the gentlemen’s club connoisseur. Velvet Lion will bring back the value of Las Vegas “Juice” the truly valued VIP treatment that cannot be bought; it must be earned based on honor, loyalty and respect.

Guests demand value and the Velvet Lion delivers. We are the Gentlemen’s Club who’s foundation is made from quality not quantity; our prices have value found in each drink to the quality of each hand picked dancer; value is ever present. VIP Services are polite, respectful and attentive who cater to Velvet Lion guests and proactively engage guest accommodations at all times. Our team constantly creates value for Velvet Lion. The Velvet Lion is to be synonymous with “The Best”.

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Velvet Lion Grand Opening (1/9/2009) @ Velvet Lion
Velvet Lion, Las Vegas