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Velvet Underground Toronto

This is Velvet Underground. The historic Toronto Venue bringing you the best music, dancing, DJs and live entertainment in Toronto for years. The Velvet Underground is an institution in this city and will continue to be; attracting unique and intriguing patrons, Velvet Underground provides a night of party that will have you coming back for more.

This eclectic spot has presented a vast and diverse array of events. Everything from showcasing Canadian bands such as Junkhouse and Crawl to the completely outrageous Genitorture fashion show. This unique venue was a host to the CD release party of “Jagged Little Pill”, which launched Alanis Morrisette’s career. Go for the ’80s goth and retro music, or simply lounge on the sofas with your friends. Relax with a game of pool if you don’t quite feel like dancing. The Velvet Underground caters to a wide range of alternative types, from nouveau goths to university preps, the Velvet Underground is a nice change from the ordinary. The ultracool decor includes sculptures of angels created from found metal that add to the lush unique atmosphere.
Velvet Underground, be there.

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FRIDAY NIGHT w/ DJ Jay & Terry (7/18/2008) @ Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground, Toronto