Venom (Formerly Medusa)

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Venom (Formerly Medusa) Venom. Concept: Futuristic, evocative nightclub with thrilling elements of discovery throughout. Imagine a place where The Matrix materializes in an urban playground, where danger meets beauty, and raw energy pulses in state-of-the-art environs. The Service: Sleek, stunning (and street smart) servers flank guests with attention, known as Venoms "whatever you want" service. Try us. Full bar with award-winning, world class bartenders. Uncomplicated menu from the kitchen. VenoMystique: The evolution of Seattle nightlife starts here: The tunnel, the indoor glass foyer, dramatically tube-lighted to "cleanse" through the transition from street front to club depths. The Bar -- chain and concrete-laden Crypt bar Deluxe Lounge areas -- with low backed, banquette bordered u-booths in black and tan, that encourage co-mingling and daring gazes. Semi Private VIP room with lounge atmosphere that still engages with the rest of the party with a 12-foot screened window for voyeurs. Wall Projection areas play film and animated clips. Lounge and bar fill lighting looks sexy on everyone and creates an sensuous environment. Crynogenic Nitrogen System cools a hot, packed room in seconds while creating a mystic effect. State-of-the-art lighting system equipped with Lazer. Weekend valet parking