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Venti Uno Detroit


Take an exciting and delicious tour of Northern and Southern Italian cuisine at our newest restaurant-Venti Uno. Italian for “21”, Venti Uno features a variety of winning dishes in a contemporary atmosphere. Indulge in Ravioli Alla Venti Uno-a magnificent and imaginative combination of ricotta cheese filled pasta tossed with roasted garlic, shiitake mushrooms with a creamy pesto sauce. Delight your senses with the luscious sight, aroma and tastes of Pollo Alla Parmigiana-chicken breast lightly dusted with Italian breadcrumbs, pan sauteed and topped with marinara sauce and imported provolone cheese, served atop linguini marinara. Experience the pure joy of our signature pizzas and desserts. And much, much more. This is Venti Uno. New. Exciting. Unmistakably Italian. Come celebrate with us. Salute!