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Venue Houston

On a mission to breathe new life into the nightlife scene in Houston, Venue opened in 2006. Looking for nothing less than to go down in history as a successful club, we are determined to go above and beyond to impress you.

As the first upscale club in Houston, Venue prides itself on offering unique styles of entertainment. Out impeccable service and desire to please will have you coming back again and again.

Our goal in entertainment is to orchestrate a fusion of sight and sound. To do this we provide the best in live music and DJs combined with thrilling dance performances that soar to great heights the bring theatre to the most unexpected places. With smooth transitions between acts, the art of entertainment is truly one that you’ll only find here.

Designed by Venue’s partners, the club is based on a deep sense of style and architectural details that make this club unique. These details combine to give Venue a refinement and elegance that make it a first-class destination.

Escape the crowd in the main area by retreating to the Red Room, an elevated space designed to let you indulge in the luxury that you deserve. Rich reds and golds give the Red Room an inviting, mystifying hideaway.

To experience the true Venue Nightlife, head to the Great Hall where guests will experience the captivating magnetism that attracts club goers from around the world.

Don’t miss our VIP areas. Watch the action from elevated areas of the club with the best service that Venue has to offer. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at Venue!

Photo galleries

Risque Friday (5/31/2013) @ Venue
Venue, Houston
Nite @ Venue (3/20/2007) @ Venue
Venue, Houston