United States: 323-604-6030

VERSUS Los Angeles

Resurrected from the 1920s Los Angeles Stock Exchange Building, Versus Nightclub is an architectural work of art. Its classic marble staircase, historic bronze doors, Art Deco-style lighting and stained glass windows have been restored to its former glory, and reintroduced with modern design elements like orange leather furniture, an indoor pond and six bars. Versus is three levels with a central ceiling that reaches 50-feet. The ground floor, which is easily the venue’s crown jewel, houses the main dance floor (made of Brazilian Walnut wood), a 60-foot bar made from glass tiles imported from Mexico and an extendable stage that holds world-famous rock bands to intimate comedy shows. The second-floor mezzanine is where you’ll find the mojito lounge and doors leading to the VIP dance area and balcony. This is also where the custom-made DJ booth is, so VIP can really get up close and personal with their favorite DJ. The best seat in the house is on the third-floor in the ultra-VIP room saved for likes of Jay-Z and Shaq. Entrance comes with a hefty price tag, but who can put a price on comfort? You get to chill on designer furniture, use a private restroom and your own bartender and cocktail server to share with you and your 30 BFFs—unless you’re Shaq and can’t spare the leg room. The entire nightclub accommodates about 1,300 guests, so you would think the valet service would be a nightmare right? Don’t fret as they have 25 valet attendants on duty every night, not to mention an indoor, smoking lounge to accommodate patrons waiting for their car.

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