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Victoria Multicultural Centre


Victoria Multicultural Centre

The Victoria Event Centre (VEC) was established in 2003 and is managed by Victoria Multi-Cultural Society. The Victoria Multi-Cultural Society is a non-profit society with a mandate to provide an affordable, flexible, accommodating multi-purpose venue for small arts and entertainment groups, cultural organizations and non-profit communities to hold their shows/performances, fundraisers and community celebrations.

For an awesome place to host your party or celebration, the Victoria Multicultural Centre is your “go-to” venue! Capable of hosting pretty much anything, let you imagination run loose! Romantic nights or wild birthday’s, the Centre can host HUNDREDS of party people all ready to dance, move and celebrate! Bring the entertainment as the Centre is fully capable of hosting live bands, DJs, live performers, and more! SO book your next party with the Victoria Multicultural Centre and celebrate the way you want!

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