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Vig 27 New York


VIG 27
Vig27 has become Murray Hill’s hottest cocktailing destination. The open design, soft light and warm vibe make it the perfect spot to party with friends or have a late night tryst. Our unique menu offers fare ranging from baked brie poppers to tuna ceviche stuffed peppers.

Vig 27’s cocktail menu offers an original variation of bottle service with the invention of the “Bottle Cocktail” – various fresh, original, hand-made cocktails served in a bottle with an ice bucket and appropriate glassware to go around. Each bottle serves 4 to 8 people making it economical and fun. Along with the specialty cocktails like The 10 Cane Caipirinha, Lemonade 27, and The Cosmo-POM-atin to name a few, all classic cocktails are available for bottle service as well, making Vig 27 the perfect place to expand your cocktail palate and share with your friends.

Vig 27’s menu is unique, eclectic fare. The signature baked brie poppers and tuna ceviche stuffed piquillo peppers make perfect happy hour snacks, while five inventive variations of the classic slider, combining everything from roast beef and gruyere to smoked duck and brie, satisfy late night munchies. And if you need to take care of a raging sweet tooth, the chocolate fondue with berries, cashew-covered bananas rice crispy treats and pound cake, is not to be missed.

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