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Villa was one-time supper club will be the most versatile venue in the city filling a particular void – Perth has been waiting a long time for this. Catering to the touring DJ, live music market and any exclusive event, product release or fashion show, Villa is equipped to be the most appropriate, stylish and production-perfect venue. It is built to handle anything any promoter can throw its way.

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We're stepping things up and moving to Villa. Bigger Venue + Bigger Production = More BASS WANT $15 ENTRY? TEXT YOUR NAME TO HILINE: 0427191800 And we'll throw you on the guestlist. This is limited. ────// LINE-UP //──── OSKI Sporting a mischievous grin and a magnetic set, Oski’s unique take on dance music infusing elements [more]

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DJ YELLA [nwa]
Villa, Perth