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Viva Lounge New York

Viva Lounge

Welcome to VIVA Lounge New York Night Club located in the heart of Queens, New York. Viva, has emerged to bring another Level of Nightlife to Queens. Pulling up, there is a valet ready to park your car and a door man ready to open the velvet rope for you and your entourage.

When you walk in, the space is-in a word my fellow New Yorkers- ENORMOUS! Several VIP booths scooped out along the walls and adequate tables and couch space around the building’s support beams.

The decor of the space is also very attractive with a loft style vibe to it, given the large open spaces, yet there are soft orange and yellow flood lights, opening up the dark walls and corners. Even flowers in the wall, (and no, these are not ones for you to take down and give to that pretty lady over there fellas). Huge Bar and Great Sound with Ample Seating.

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