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Vixen Bar Orlando


Vixen is a nocturnal refuge, a retreat for modern living, inspired by the need for a classy but no-nonsense venue…..With it’s downtown location it is casual, yet stylish, laid-back, yet vibrant, and totally unexpected. It is the insiders venue of choice for the connected nitelife scene. Vixen provides the perfect excuse to leave behind the stress of city life, a place to kick back, savour the flavors of a fresh fruit vodka infusion. Once you get to know Mike, at the door, the dress code lightens up. Once you get to know Liz and the Vixen girls, the pours get a little longer. You must get to know the DJ’s at the bar, because they are some of the best in Orlando (see DJ page). For the DJ is central to the appeal of Vixen. Only the most experienced and proven local DJ’s are selected to entertain the guests on a weekly basis Elegant and Edgy, Vixen is a tense tango cutting through the jungle of the urban underground. Exploding the myth of deviance while battling the demons of obsession and deception, lust and loneliness, the title character. Inspired by strong and independant women, our focus was to pay homage to them and all their glory. We found the perfect location, the inspiration and therefore we wished it improved and reformed — though this is a therefore which men are exceedingly slow to understand. We think most women will.