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West End Pub Dallas

West End Pub

The West End Pub’s 20 year history is a story of people more than liquor and food. The exact dates and actual times of occurrences are not clear and actually as important as the true ingrediants of Jagermiester. It is only the outcome that is important. It all started in early 1988 by Mike Vascuso when the original name was to become the Wall Street Pub (hence the Statue of Liberty). Due to legalities and fate it became the West End Pub. Thus plans for single malt scotches, imported cigars, fresh squeezed juices, and no food were all part of the concept. When the Pub opened in March of 1988 the juices were gone and a small food menu was added. The first paying customer was Rodney Mills and he is still paying 20 years later. Bob Allen, already a familiar face in the West End, became a part of the Pub six months later and then history began. One year from opening Mike was gone and Chip Johnson(one of the oiginal developers in the West End)and Bob took over operations of the Pub. They both created the “Neighborhood Pub without a Neighborhood” and still continues today. During this era the fresh squeezed juices returned and remain today, the food menu grew (and the Chicken Salad sandwich became World Famous) and then the “living room”(plush leather couches) appeared. This was the groundwork for 20 years set in place. Four years later Bob became the sole owner but Chip’s presence was still and always be par of the success of the West End Pub. Some 12 years ago Earl Shuster joined th cas of characters. Haveing managed one of the most successful resaurants in the West End a couple of years before, he eventually became a part owner of the Pub. Changes have continued, and most recently relocation (who said bigger wasn’t better). The Single Malts, Cigars, fresh juices, Living room (now two), the largest free pour shot, and the Statue of Liberty still remain (Oh yeah, and Mark too!). We are always here to greet our friends as well as the traveler seeking a “Neighborhood Pub without a Neighborhood”. visit us also at: www.westendpubdallas.net