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Western Front Vancouver

The Western Front Society is an artist run centre that is dedicated to the production, exhibition, and promotion of contemporary electronic/media art. The organization’s facilities are housed in a turn of the century Knights of Pythias Hall – a two and a half storey wooden building that contains an exhibition space, a dance studio, a live performance venue, and a video production and recording studio. Through a variety of programs we commission artists to make presentations and create new work. FRONT magazine is a bi-monthly publication of artist ideas and Western Front program information. Music has been an extremely successful component of Western Front activities since its inception in 1973. Over the years the reputation of its intimate chamber hall and excellent technical facilities has made its way around the world. Our program includes residencies, jazz, electronics, contemporary and traditional musics from various parts of the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region. As well as presenting its own annual concert series and organizing tours, the music program co-produces concerts and festivals with the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, the New Orchestra Workshop, Women in View, the Pandit Jasraj Foundation, Vancouver Community Gamelan and other groups.

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