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westys Memphis


Located in the heart of The Pinch district, Westy’s is home to one of the most famous delicacies in town: The Hot Fudge Pie.

Jake Schorr, co-owner of Westy’s, invented the dessert back in the early 70’s at another restaurant he owned at the time, Jefferson Square. It was a big hit, and he carried the recipe with him on to his next restaurant The North End – a place I went to many, many times – just for the pie. And now it’s available at Westy’s.

It’s rich and dark and soft in the middle – not quite the consistency of pie, but not cakey either, it’s a perfect marriage of both and served with French Vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce and whipped topping. I cannot describe how yummy it is.

I also like all the wild rice dishes at Westy’s. You can get it smothered in mushrooms, grilled chicken, bacon, cheese and all sorts of other options. Their sandwiches are good as well.

Another nice perk is that they are open til 3 am. So if you’ve been hitting the downtown scene all night and are looking for a little late night snack that doesn’t come from a fast food drive in, then Westy’s is your place.

Be sure and get the pie though!