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Whiskey Blue Living Room (W Fort Lauderdale)

A new bar has set up on Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard, but don’t be mistaken. It’s not another ’80s-rock, body-shot beach dive. Quite the opposite. This blue oasis is anchored on the ground floor of the W Hotel and adds just the right amount of class to after-hours on the ocean.

Welcome, Whiskey Blue.

Bar diving: When you enter Whiskey Blue from its beach side and cross the threshold of an al fresco patio, your eyes are captivated by a sky of electric blues and dripping lights that seem to ooze from the ceiling.

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“It’s a nice change from downtown Fort Lauderdale,” said Jeff Rose, 25, a Las Olas Boulevard resident. “It has more of a South Beachy, upscale feel to it.”

Rose has become a regular at the W’s bar since the unofficial opening May 2. The location was scheduled to officially open Thursday. Rose said he enjoys the switch from his normal Riverfront foray.

“It adds a bit of class to Fort Lauderdale, like YOLO and Bova Prime do to downtown,” he added.

Although the bar is intimate in size, at first sight it appears to be an infinite flow of blue that runs into angled mirrors reflecting more blues. You won’t find any Johnnie Walker bottles obstructing the view here. The bar was designed to be an extension of the ocean, which is a stone’s throw away.

“The ocean element imbues a sense of calm,” Whiskey Blue general manager Grant Gedemer said.

A neat night: Seasoned mixologists give after-work drinks an upgrade. Signature cocktails include the bourbon-infused Midnight Manhattan and the bubbly-meets-citrus Bon Vie. They are among 30 specialty drinks listed.

Also, you have about 20 single-malt scotches to choose from, ranging from Chivas ($12) to Johnnie Walker Blue ($60) to 30-year-old The Macallan ($225).

Do’s and won’ts: While the bar is fully loaded, there are some things you won’t find. Don’t expect to see pool tables or darts tucked away in a corner. And it’s a no-smoking zone, so lighting up is restricted to the patio area.

Whiskey Blue is more about social simplicity. There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks, a dance and some schmoozing. You’ll rub elbows with VIPs maybe even score yourself a comp cocktail if you bump into the right person or dance with a beautiful stranger._ Sun Sentinal.com