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Whiskey Town New York

Whiskey Town

This new downtown rock and roll lounge is open seven days a week, until 4am. DJs spin various incarnations of rock throughout the week.

The space itself well thought out; comfortable, loungey, but still a bit edgy. The bar itself is pressed and polished zinc, and the custom benches are made of sturdy painted wood (to encourage dancing upon) with cubby holes underneath to store bags or coats. Whiskey Town’s bathrooms (both of them) feature hand painted murals by illustrator and designer, Marc Evan of BinaryStarSystem.com. The murals are reminiscent of classic tattoo sleeve imagery with Marc’s style adding a modern twist.

In addition to a solid liquor selection, they are serving beer out of cans–not in the, PBR-is-cheap-and-hip kind of way (apparently), but because they said that they wanted all the beer on ice, yet hate the way labels on bottles gum up and fall off when wet. Yes, Whiskey Town is serving all of their beers (Bud, Bud light, Tecate, Heineken, Heine light, Amstel, and a few others) in cans.

Whiskey Town’s owners are the Ruotolo brothers, George and Justin. They both play in bands. They both love whiskey, women, and rock & roll. George has lots of tattoos. Justin might be quick to point out that he is the younger and taller one. They both bartend at Whiskey Town. Interestingly, the Whiskey Town proprietors are also close friends with the gang from Momofuku. After lending a hand with the actual renovations, Joaquin Baca (co-owner/co-chef of both Momofuku locations) apparently coached these guys through the creation of their bar menu.

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