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Whistlin Dixie`s Texas Tavern New York

Whistlin Dixie’s Texas Tavern

With bartenders and waitress sporting Daisy Dukes and wifebeaters, and a bar offering up 22 Signature Frozen Drinks and 38 varieties of Tequila, expect a wild, rocking good time.

The menu is described a fusion of Authentic Mexican and Continental American Cuisines with a profound Texan Flare. All the usual items are there, along with some interesting twists, courtesy of Executive Chef/Partner Jennifer Carroll, who has worked at some of the country’s best restaurants (Le Bernardin, French Laundry, LeCirque).

Daily specials include: Service Industry Sundays when Exotic Dancers will drink for free, Wild Wild West Wednesdays when All West Side Workers & Softball Leagues will enjoy a $10 Open Bar 5-7pm, and TGI Effin Friday when John Stewart, John Jay & Kenneth Cole will host a Corporate Happy Hour (Whistlin’ Dixies is down the block from the sets of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report).


Dixie’s is an over-the-top “Tequila Bar & Mexican Margarita Restaurant” staffed by ladies in Daisy Dukes and wifebeaters (the three owners are all women, so the unis are really only exploiting you and your bedraggled liver). To compromise your sobriety, they’re serving up 22 frozen drinks (e.g., the dangerously patriotic, red, white, and blue Dixie’s Favorite), plus overloaded cocktails like “Texas Tea” — a Long Island Iced Tea, plus bourbon, minus shame, plus a little shame. There’re also 38 tequilas, including Monte Alban Mezcal garnished with a fat, supposedly hallucinogenic, agave worm. The food’s also party-time, e.g., fajitas, fish tacos, and “Burritos Gigante Del Mundo” — which is how big an agave worm will tell you he is, after you’ve eaten an agave worm.

To make all this inebriation cost-effective, there are daily happy hours, the sweetest being Friday’s unlimited margaritas ($10, 5-8pm) and Sunday’s Service Industry Night, when exotic dancers drink free — though that negates your opportunity to buy a dancer’s drinks, then, after failed conversation, detonate a smoke bomb and disappear into the shadows.
Source: Thrillist.com

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