United States: 305-747-7660

Whitelaw Hotel and Lounge Miami

The Whitelaw Hotel & Lounge is a shining Pearl in the South Beach area. Conveniently located right in Miami Beach’s Art deco district. One of the hottest spots in all Florida.

The slogan reads, “clean sheets, hot water, stiff drinks”. The clean sheets are Belgian, the hot water falls onto marble, and the stiff drinks.. While The Whitelaw is certainly upscale and sophisticated, shag carpets, patent leather and aluminum satisfy the trend seekers… and the amenities, basically anything that can fit into this boutique hotel; 42″ Plasma, Stereo with CD Player, Wireless High Speed Internet, Mini Bar, Safe.. not to mention a bathroom stocked with everything you probably forgot and bathrobes bound to disappear.

The Staff.. first-class concierge, bi-lingual and trained to service you with style, and walk “you” through the velvet ropes at all the South Beach hot spots.

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