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`Wie Geht`s Amigo` Oshawa

Incase your wondering Wie Geht’s Amigo Stands for “How’s it Going friend” Wie Geht’s being German…. and Amigo being Spanish….

We are already packed on the weekends and bursting with great energy! the crowed is awesome, the music is amazing, you can feel that juicy bass from the speakers when your on the dance floor, You definitely should plan to start partying here on the weekends!!

Photo galleries

St. Patricks Day Dinner/Dance with Live Music (3/17/2007) @ `Wie Geht`s Amigo`
`Wie Geht`s Amigo`, Oshawa
Open Mic & Free Pool (2/1/2007) @ Wie Geht`s Amigo
`Wie Geht`s Amigo`, Oshawa