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WISH Bar and Lounge San Francisco

WISH Bar and Lounge, the home of house music, is found in the SoMa district. San Francisco’s best local house music DJs frequent this New York style lounge, where they play music for the city’s party people to dance, drink and socialize in style. While the building is old, the modern space features vaulted ceilings and 1,500 square feet of wood, leather, velvet and candles, providing a sultry atmosphere.

This club is perfect for a casual drink with a date or friends or hanging out at happy hour. While bottle service is available, partiers also have the option to reserve a table without committing to a bottle purchase. Check out the event schedule to learn more about what’s happening any night at WISH.

One of WISH’s main values is a commitment to going green, especially considering how many patrons pass through the bar each night. The club proudly recycles all bottles and cans, and uses only compostable, corn based water bottles and straws. The snacks and paper products are also compostable, creating a low waste event every night. The system works to reduce landfill waste and promote a sustainable process.

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