United States: 323-604-6030

Wish’s Club Houston

Wish’s is a special place for the discreet and daring to come share fantasies and adventures…or to just get away and enjoy a night out dancing!

You’ll find an intimate surrounding of comfortable sofas; softly lit tables and bubbling conversation with people just like you!! Seating arrangements allow you to glide onto the dance floor and not return for hours, only to find that your drink and belongings are still exactly where you left them – on your freshly cleaned table. Your waitress will call you by name, and always remember just how you take your favorite beverage.

Wish’s isn’t just for the rich and famous…although you might think so to look out over the crowd and see the dazzling smiles, sparkling sequins and elaborate outfits. You’ll see all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds! Whether trendy or classic, funky or traditional, the people at Wish’s all share one thing in common – they love a night filled with adventure and people with a zest for life and all its experiences.

Sounds amazing and wonderful, doesn’t it? You’ll never know until you spend an evening with us….but we must warn you…Once you’ve experienced Wish’s, you’ll be spoiled forever by its charming warmth and sensual atmosphere.

Celebrating 37 Years of Sizzling Sophistication

Experience the splendor Monday through Friday with Houston’s most exciting couples and singles. On Saturdays, Wish’s is couples only, transforming into an evening where sophistication is exceptional. A cover charge is in effect on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as a 3-drink minimum per person, respectively. Non-alcoholic beverages count toward this minimum.