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Wonderland Wonderland and your personal 4,200 square foot fantasy world is revealed as you walk along the checkerboard carpet and past the ticking clock collection. This is the only nightclub in Hollywood where daydreaming is allowed and encouraged. Wonderland takes you to another dimension of reality with an imaginative cross between a whimsical dream and what is real. Wonderland has transformed the meaning of a traditional lounge into a whimsical fantasyland. Revelers dance in the main lounge area under vaulted ceilings dimly lit by upside-down mushroom shaped lights as onlookers enjoy house-infused cocktails and VIP bottle service. The staggered grass ceiling over the patio area offers plush seating and intimate hideaways. The walls are adorned with a collection of mismatched mirrors and curiosities. Tilted bookshelves showcase the liquor selection behind the bar, and you can sneak a peak to the outside world through cottage styled windows.