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Woodbine Racetrack Toronto


Woodbine Racetrack

On June 1, 2001, the Ontario Jockey Club (OJC) changed its name to "Woodbine Entertainment Group" to better reflect the scope of the company and its business. With the complete modernization of the company’s two racetracks, dramatically expanded product distribution and enhanced quality of the company’s horse racing coupled with the Province’s introduction of slot machines as a second and extremely popular form of wagering. The company has emerged as a leader in Canada’s entertainment industry.

When the government of the day licensed The Ontario Jockey Club on May 5, 1881, founders of the racing group declared The OJC’s purpose was to "revive racing in Toronto under respectable auspices and make a success of it." Since then, the company has developed into one of the most respected and innovative racing organizations anywhere.

Under the proud banner of the OJC, the company has brought the excitement of racing to people in Southern Ontario and all over the world through its Woodbine and Mohawk racetracks. Today, the tracks operated by Woodbine Entertainment Group directly impact the employment of close to 28,000 people. The 1996 Breeders’ Cup was awarded to Woodbine, Canada’s most prominent track. This marked the first time the Breeders’ Cup extravaganza was hosted outside the United States. In Standardbred racing, the prestigious Breeder’s Crown makes frequent visits to Mohawk and Woodbine.

Currently, Woodbine Entertainment Group uses tools such as the Internet to help racing fans everywhere learn more about our operation and follow our racing. Catch our website –! And see for the HorsePlayer Interactive website; Now, when you can’t come to the track, the track can come to you!

The name "Woodbine Entertainment" more accurately reflects a corporation which employs more than 3000 full and part time employees and offers a range of racing, gaming and entertainment products available across North America and virtually world wide over the company’s various internet sites. In 2000, the company generated business in excess of $1.2 billion. Wagering on the company’s horse racing through live, off-track and in -home services along with the approximately 6 million customers who visit the slot machine facilities at Woodbine and Mohawk annually make this company’s offerings the entertainment choice for many. In addition to the two racetrack brands, this new corporate name also constitutes the umbrella for our other lines of business, including Champions Off-Track Wagering, Horse Player Interactive and HPItv.

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